0 Will Kareena convert to Islam after her wedding?

Kareena Kapoor is going to turn Islam?

Reportedly Kareena Kapoor is getting engaged to Saif Ali Khan on oct 16, but the actress hasn’t confirmed the date yet and also refused to speak about weather she will convert to Islam after the engagement.

 Although, Saif’s mom Sharmila has confirmed the date for oct 16, Kareena doesn’t want to confirm it and is keeping mum about the whole issue.

 Kareena told the media recently during the promotions of ‘Heroine’, “You all know everything, then why are you asking.”

 When asked about why is she holding back her wedding date, she said: “only thing is that we have not decided where it will be and when it will be. So, whenever we will decide, we shall talk.”

 Saif’s mom Sharmila also converted to Islam when she tied the knot with cricketer Mansur Ali Pataudi, donning the name Ayesha Begum.

 Asked about weather she will follow her mother in-law’s footsteps and convert to Islam after the wedding, she said: “That’s a very wrong question, which I will not be answering.”

 The 32 year old refused to elaborate on her wedding plans. “No I can’t. I am so sorry. (But) This is not a press conference about my wedding.” But she confirmed that she will wear red as “red is my favourite colour and you all will see me in a red sari.”

 Apparently, Kareena will be seen wearing Sharmila Tagore’s bridal sharara on her D day.


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