0 Poonam Pandey making everyone around sweat....!

Poonam Pandey making everyone sweat

Watching a sultry, sex goddess on screen can set the hearts of millions abuzz, but to witness the same woman cooing and gyrating in the flesh can make the eyes pop right out of the sockets.

Actor Poonam Pandey, who is currently engrossed in workshops building towards her debut movie, is giving her film crew a pretty hard time.

No, she isn't throwing any tantrums per say, but her attire that is just a shy away from her birthday suit is making her small crew sweat buckets through the scenes.

The film, produced by Eagle Home Entertainment has director Amit Saxena behind the camera directing some of the boldest and sexiest scenes ever shot in Bollywood.

The scenes, done with the bindaas attitude of Poonam, have got many a watcher uncomfortable on the sets. The clothes, the lines, the movements and add to that the sex appeal that Poonam brings to the screen is bound to set the big screen on fire.

Let the mercury rise…folks!!!


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