0 Megha Kawale - the hottest Dj in town

Megha Kawale - the hottest Dj
Megha Kawale - the hottest Dj
Megha Kawale - the hottest Dj

Megha gets up every morning listening to Life by Des'ree; she says it never fails to perk her up. She was third runner-up at Miss India 2002 and judged Miss Talented at Miss india 2001. Megha deejays at the popular Mumbai club, Insomnia. She loves idli-sambhar and Arundhati Roy's God Of Small Things. Modelling for her is a hobby. And a way to earn money. The two Ms in her life, besides herself, are Mel Gibson and music

Height: 175 cms
Weight: 52 kgs
Busts: 29.5 inches
Waist: 22 inches
Hips: 32 inches

Deejaying was not so glamorous when I started. I got into it for the love of it when I was in college.

A few girls had been there before me. Some lasted an hour, others a day, at the maximum a month. When I walked in the guys there were ready to throw me out. Now I've been deejaying for five years.


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